International Partners - Europe

Foot Print Across The World

CSAPL has significantly increased its global presence through a slew of pro bono agreements with a number of Internationally acclaimed Project Management and Execution Consulting firms across diverse geographies

The IC Group of Companies headquartered in Vienna Austria is one of the largest such firms in Europe and has managed large scale infrastructure projects worth over $2bn. Across 9 sectors ranging from Energy to Transport & Mobility

A1v2 is a Lisbon based provider of high quality integrated services in Engineering and Architecture, in all their core areas, from design to monitoring and to implementation of projects

Market Access develops international expansion strategies, through a work process tailored towards the internationalization objectives of its clients which includes industrial and services companies, business associations, chambers of commerce, government agencies and competitiveness clusters.

CS & Associates has formed MOU with Frankfurt based German Solar PV firm

CS Associates has tied up with Factal Group , Poland , An Investment advisory company based out of Poland . Helps polish and other east European companies to receive investment from else where and vice versa .